We believe in finding iterative solutions to real world problems through evidence based inquiry and public engagement. Our work seeks to ensure that India’s technology and sustainability transitions are just and inclusive.

Rapid advancements in technology, science and innovation coupled with accelerating economic activity and global mobility are generating new forms of prosperity in India. Yet, inequality and unemployment are growing, environmental crises are on the rise, and control of the global commons is highly contested. Emerging forms of political authority are fragmenting traditional governance arrangements. Disruptive platforms for independent enquiry, collaboration, and public engagement are a need of the hour. New approaches must anticipate the future, co-create preemptive responses and cultivate effective participation.

Our Approach

  • Interdisciplinary attention to real world problems
  • Social study of technology (STS)
  • Foresight methods
  • Co-production of knowledge (through labs and participatory research methods)
  • Grounded theory (rather than grand narrative)


We believe

  • Values and culture are the source of socio-political systems.
  • Societal objectives must be put at the forefront of technological change, rather than follow in its wake.
  • Society can shape the trajectory of technological development through policy
  • Steering technological trajectories towards equitable and sustainable outcomes requires inclusive governance.
  • Inclusive governance emerges when due consideration is given to diverse forms of culture and knowledge.

We will

  • Work across disciplinary boundaries to acknowledge the broadest sources of expertise.
  • Assess the influence of power relations on knowledge and solutions.
  • Rely on history to think about future pathways.
  • Prioritize societal objectives when developing policy.
  • Develop adaptable solutions through iterative processes.

Statement of Independence

We are committed to the independence and autonomy of our work. We do not accept funding that would compromise our independence.

Our Studio

Tandem Research is located in Aldona, a charming village in North Goa, nestled between the tributaries of the Mandovi river. Goa’s unique combination of rural cosmopolitanism makes it the ideal place to engage in long-form research while being connected to an emerging hub for political, economic, and cultural activity.

We share a studio space with Quicksand - a Design Thinking and Innovation consultancy and The Busride - an Architecture and Research practice. Together, we are called The Greenhouse collective, and aim to bring our diverse disciplinary expertise and practices to bear on inquiries of shared interest.